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Avocado Hugger, Silicone Avocado Saver, Avocado Cover, Reuseable, Food Huggers


Our set of two Avocado Huggers fit over a half avocado to help keep it fresh longer.  These customized Food Huggers are specifically designed for...


Avocado Huggers - Set of Two

SALE Nesting Measuring Cups

$2.40 $8.00

Our set of four measuring cups (1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup) are our own little campaign to bring a little more beauty into the world where we can.  T...


Nesting Measuring Cups

SALE Melon, Cabbage & Bowl Hugger

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Melons, cabbages and heads of lettuce are some of the top items that our customers asked us to help them keep fresh.   Silicone perimeter easily fo...


Melon, Cabbage & Bowl Hugger