Avocado Lovers Bundle

Worry-free returns

Our Avocado Huggers® and The Avocado Sock® bundle are the perfect match to keep your avocado fresh from start to finish.

Avocado Huggers® keep the other half of your avocado fresh to be enjoyed rather than tossed in the trash. 100% BPA & Phthalate Free, dishwasher safe, and made with FDA grade silicone.

The Avocado Sock® speeds up the ripening of delicate avocados at home in the 100% wool avocado sock.

Worry-free returns

Limited Quantity Only 100 Sets
Avocado Sock and Avocado Huggers

If you know us, you know how we love our avocados. That avo-love lead us to discover another great indie run, women owned business that makes these finnicky fruits a little friendlier. The Avocado Sock!

We've brought in a limited quantity of these awesome Avocado Socks to combine with our own Avocado Huggers to create an exclusive bundle available only here and only for the holidays.

Bringing these two great avocado snuggling products together will be perfect gift for any avocado lovers on your list.