Hugging at Home

Hugging at Home

Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! 

This has been an amazing experience and one that will never be forgotten by either of us. We expect that all of you in the US will have your Huggers within the next couple of days if you do not already have them.   

Many thanks to everyone who has tweeted and posted their first Food Hugs on Facebook and Twitter.  Your messages are definitely being heard as we have had a nice spike in the sales on our website.  Thank you so much for spreading the word.  You guys are the BEST!!! 

Some of you have asked about buying more huggers in time for Christmas. Santa will be able to fill stockings that are within the US as long as orders are placed by December 10th!!  For international Christmas gifts and Christmas gifts that are ordered after December 10th, we will be offering a printable "Christmas IOU some Hugs" PDF that you can put under the tree until the   Huggers arrive.  We are shipping orders as quickly as we can so hopefully your friends and family will not need to wait very long.  

There have also been a few questions about use and cleaning now that Food Huggers are being put to work in your kitchens.  Food Huggers are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe!  They are also 100% BPA and phatalate free. 

Thank you all once again for your support.  It is almost 6 months now since we started our Kickstarter adventure. We can hardly believe how the time has flown.  We hope everyone has an amazing holiday season.  

Huge Hugs 
Michelle & Adrienne 
a.k.a. Food Huggers 


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