Food Huggers Statement on Knockoffs

Knock offs are the worst!  We’d much rather spend our time sharing ideas about reducing food waste, ditching single use plastics, and great food loving inspirations. BUT, here we are talking about legal stuff instead. 

Counterfeit products are a real threat to inventive companies. Most of the time, these counterfeit items are, not only stealing our protected intellectual property, but are also often of lesser quality and have lower standards of production. I guess these copycats figure they already broke the law by taking the idea, why not rip off the final customer also by shipping low quality stuff (jerks). 

We worked so hard to perfect (and protect) the Food Huggers design, that we were shocked to see that there were knock offs of our items before our 30 day Kickstarter even finished!! To make the situation worse, the counterfeit listings used all of our creatives- our photos, videos, our logo and even pictures of us smiling and holding up the product to try and mislead buyers! 

As a small, women-owned business we already have a lot of odds stacked against us. We worry about our ideas, inspiration, and products being stolen was extra stress we just don’t need.

Food Huggers isn’t the only company facing this problem. Cheap sites offer fakes of our products along with fakes from hundreds of other small (and big) businesses. They hope that shoppers will care more about saving a dollar than who they give their business to. 

While we are fighting our fight, we’re calling on you to please help! 

You can help protect creative rights of small businesses by ensuring you buy from a company’s website, or from their own Amazon listings (beware of fakes on Amazon).

Another thing you can do is while surfing the internet, if you see any ads, or websites claiming to sell our products that have super low costs you can send us an email to to report these sites.  You can also send a TikTok, IG, or a Pinterest post/ad to @foodhuggers on these platforms.  

Helping report website scams, copycats, and fraudulent ads is one way that we can make the internet safer for all shoppers. 

We appreciate your support and dedication to protecting yourself and others from morally shady and illegal operations. Thank you for supporting our mission!

For further information in regards to our Legal Patent Information please visit our link here