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  • Sets of 5 pieces snugly seal everything from bananas and cucumbers to limes, lemons, onions, tomatoes, even a grapefruit or an eggplant!
  • No more plastic wrap, baggies or foil. 
  • Buy it once! Comes with a Lifetime Warranty 
  • Also use to seal an opened can or jar
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It's never been so easy (or fun) to keep food fresh

Oprah magazine calls Food Huggers a "Genius idea that is equal parts clever and cute". Our set of 5 reusable silicone food savers will help you replace single use plastic wrap and baggies and reduce food waste. Invented by two women who loved food way too much to waste it.

  • Pick the Best Size

    Pick the size that is closest to your fruit or vegetable. It does not need to be an exact match. The Food Hugger will adjust itself to fit.

  • Place Leftover In Food Hugger

    Place the Food Hugger on the counter and lower your fruit or veggie down into the opening.

  • Press Down to Fold Food Hugger

    Press down and the Food Hugger will fold inward around your leftover fruit or vegetable.

  • Store in the Fridge

    Store your hugged fruits and veggies in the fridge for the best results. The bright colors will help remind you what you have so you don't forget.

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Always have a hugger that fits

Set of Five Food Huggers Fit Snugly on Food of All Sizes

Food Huggers flex to fit around a variety of sizes. From XS to XL, each of our five different sized Food Huggers overlaps with the next so that there are no gaps, and no foods left without a hugger that fits. The flexible silicone covers fold themselves when you press you food into the Food Hugger. Our patented design ensures that you always get a snug seal.

Food Huggers Keep Thousands of Pieces of Plastic Out Of Landfills

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What are Food Huggers?

Food Huggers help keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. Our set of 5 includes all 5 sizes of Food Huggers: Mini, S, M, L, XL. They are also great for covering jars, opened cans, and other small containers. They nest compactly for space-saving storage and organization. Getting the most out of your fresh produce is health-smart, cash-smart, and good for the planet.

Are Food Huggers dishwasher safe?

Yes! All Food Huggers, and other Food Hugger products are safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Do Food Huggers really work?

Yes! Food Huggers were tested to ensure that with proper use they are able to preserve foods longer without the waste of plastics or foil. These tiny but mighty silicone circles are your fruit and veggies best friend. They wrap around (actually, hug) your food leftovers to keep them fresh until you need them again.

Where can I buy Food Huggers?

Right here on our website! We are also available on Amazon, and select retailers. When you purchase directly from our website, or trusted retailers, you are guaranteed to receive true Food Huggers and not one of the knock-offs that we are trying to combat.

What about storing food in cans?

According to the USDA, it is safe to store leftover food in the cans. You might have heard that it wasn't safe to do this, but that was back when cans contained lead. Cans are safe to store in now. Leftovers last even longer when you cover the can with a Food Hugger.

Try Food Huggers in a bundle

  • We can all think of much better uses for our money than throwing it out in the trash.

  • We design Food Huggers to make it easier to keep food fresh longer so you can enjoy it and keep fesh food outta the trash.

  • Garbage can containing food. Approximately 1.4 billion tons of food is wasted every year.

    The largest contributor to American landfills is food waste. Thoughtful choices can make a real difference.

  • American discard 30-40% of the entire US food supply.

    When we waste food we waste water, energy, labour as well as a lot of nutritional resources.

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Meet the Food Huggers Family

There's a full family of Food Huggers designs that keep your favorite foods fresh and your kitchen plastic free. These are just a few of the original inventions that are inspired by our own efforts to make our own kitchens as sustainable as possible.

Why Choose Food Huggers for Your Kitchen?

Food Huggers are the perfect reusables and eco-friendly kitchen tools designed to reduce food waste and help you create a zero waste kitchen. Made with sustainability in mind, our Food Huggers are the ideal alternative to single-use plastic wraps, providing a B Corp certified solution that allows you to love your leftovers and make a positive impact on the environment.

1. Sustainable Swap: Say goodbye to wasteful single-use plastics and embrace a sustainable lifestyle with Food Huggers. These innovative kitchen essentials are reusable, eliminating the need for disposable alternatives, contributing to a greener planet.

2. Plastic Wrap Alternative: Join the movement to reduce plastic waste with our Food Huggers, the ultimate plastic wrap alternative. Made from high-quality, food-safe silicone, they create an airtight seal around your food, keeping it fresh and delicious.

3. Reusable: Our Food Huggers are designed for repeated use, making them a long-lasting addition to your kitchen. By choosing reusables like Food Huggers, you actively participate in reducing single-use plastic waste.

4. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tools: We are committed to designing eco-friendly kitchen tools that are easy and fun to use. Food Huggers minimize the environmental impact of your daily food storage routines without giving up convenience or style. 

5. Easy Zero Waste Kitchen: Create a zero waste kitchen with Food Huggers. These versatile tools help you store leftovers without the need for disposable materials, contributing to a waste-free lifestyle.

6. Reduce Food Waste: Keep your food fresh for longer with Food Huggers, reducing food waste and ensuring that you can enjoy every last bite of your favorite dishes.

7. Love Your Leftovers: With Food Huggers, you'll always have a reliable way to store your leftovers extending the life of your food.

8. B Corp Certified: Food Huggers is proud to be B Corp certified, meaning that we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. By supporting us, you're supporting a business that prioritizes positive change.

9. Women-Owned Business: Food Huggers is a women-owned business, empowering female entrepreneurs and making a difference in the industry.

10. Shop Small: By choosing Food Huggers and supporting our mission, you're supporting a small business with a big goal - to make sustainable living easy and fun for all.

Make a conscious choice for your kitchen and the planet. Shop Food Huggers today and join the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future!

We’re endlessly grateful for all the tremendous support Food Huggers has received from The TODAY Show, Food & Wine, The New York Times, Rachael Ray, Eating Well, The Kitchn and many more.