The Update We've All Been Waiting For

The Update We've All Been Waiting For

Food Huggers are Shipping! 

This is the moment and the update we have all been waiting for. More than 17,000 sets have arrived, been tallied, checked and we are starting to ship. (yay!) 

 There was only one problem upon arrival and inspection. It seems that some of the Free Hugs are missing their Free Hug sticker and others have untruthful stickers that say "Juicy Citrus" when the contents are actually an aqua coloured Free Hug! Our first thought was that we absolutely needed to repackage the Free Hugs. But relabelling will take time to organize, labels would need to be printed and on further reflection, accepting another delay just because a few Free Hugs were "in disguise" as Juicy Citrus seemed like the wrong move. We are shipping!! For those of you who get these Free Hugs posing as Juicy Citrus. We hope you are not inconvenienced and agree that a hugger in the hand (whatever it is labelled) is worth two that are "shipping soon" 

The first shipments are going out the door now and we should have all shipping complete in the next 7-10 days.

Many people have asked about Christmas. All the Kickstarter rewards will be in the post before the end of November and everything is shipping from the United States. If you live in the US or very near the US, you should have your huggers very shortly. The further you are from the US, the longer it will take, but we still expect that Food Huggers will arrive before Santa does.

This has been an amazing adventure for us. As we approach Thanksgiving, there is no question what we are thankful for this year. You guys! Your support and encouragement have been immensely inspiring. Many thanks to all of our amazing Kickstarter supporters.

Huge Hugs!!

Adrienne & Michelle 

 a.k.a. Food Huggers

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