Let's See Some Proof

Let's See Some Proof

Hello Everyone, 

A few of our backers have asked us to show them some examples of foods that have been hugged as a demonstration of how well the Food Huggers preserve your food. We absolutely understand that all of you are curious to see how well they work and we are happy to show you the results we got from our first tests. 

All of these photographs were taken in April when we were testing our Food Hugger prototypes. All the food shown below was cut in half, placed in a hugger, in the crisper drawer of the fridge, and left there for 1 week. The huggers were removed and replaced a few times during that week (because we could not resist peeking to see how everything looked). 

DISCLAIMER: ('cause we gotta be clear) 

We are not promising produce immortality. Eventually, everything goes bad. The length of time that you can preserve a fruit or vegetable often depends quite a bit on the individual fruit or vegetable. In other words, your milage may vary, depending on the produce itself. 

These are the pictures we took after 1 week of hugging in the prototypes. We hope that you all feel they do a good job of showing how the freshness was preserved. We were very happy when we saw the results of the test.

Lemon After One Week of Hugging in the Fridge

Tomato After One Week of Hugging in the Fridge

Lime After One Week of Hugging in the Fridge

Onion After One Week of Hugging in the Fridge

Tomato After One Week of Hugging in the Fridge

This has been an AMAZING week for Food Huggers. We reached our first stretch goal in the blink of an eye! We are working on a new stretch goal now that we are sure you will all like a lot. As soon as we have the details ready, we will announce it. Thank you all for your support and your encouragement. You guys have made this project an amazing and fabulous adventure for us. Thank you. 

Huge Hugs! 
Michelle and Adrienne 
a.k.a. Food Huggers

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