17 Popular Life Hacks for Using Food Huggers

17 Popular Life Hacks for Using Food Huggers

Made from safe, reusable silicone, Food Huggers mimic the peels found in nature to keep your produce fresh and delicious. They make it easy to reduce food waste at home for an easy zero waste kitchen. But that’s not their only function, Food Huggers can be used around your home as snack holders, can covers, spoon rests, and more. We recently collected some of the wonderful suggestions, tips and ideas sent in from our customers and want to share them with you so you can make the most of your Food Huggers at home.

Using Food Huggers

Household Storage: Organize craft supplies, rubber bands, buttons and other bits and pieces by pairing Food Huggers with a glass jar or cup. 

Snack Holders: Nest two Food Huggers together, we recommend the XL and the L, to bring small snacks on-the-go and ditch plastic baggies once and for all. 

Snack Holders

Kitchen Counter Savers: Food Huggers can double as spoon rests, so there’s no more sauce on the counter and can also be used to cover the bottom of salt and pepper grinders.

Kitchen Counter Savers

Bathroom Organization: Cotton swabs, tiny toiletries, cotton rounds – Food Huggers keep them all organized.

Fruit Infused Ice Cubes: Add a slice of fruit or berries to your XL Food Hugger. Add water and freeze. In a few hours, you’ll have adorable and delicious infused ice for your next refreshing drink. 

Phone Stand: Need a phone stand? Nest the two largest Food Huggers together for a simple and effective phone stand.

Phone Stand holder

Can Covers: Food Huggers work wonders covering cans of all sizes and types. From soda cans to tomato sauce, Food Huggers make an excellent plastic wrap alternative.

Jar Lids: Lost a lid? Food Huggers keep your jars sealed for an eco-friendly kitchen. 

Pet Food Cans: Cover pet food cans with Food Huggers, keeping your fur baby’s meals fresh, reducing waste, and adding a sustainable swap to your pet care routine.

We especially love this clever hack to bring a sweet homemade treat over to your loved ones! 


Food Huggers have unlimited uses! Which was your favorite Food Huggers hack? 

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