Five food huggers that preserve fruits for zero waste, on a gray surface next to a set of glasses.

Newly B Corp Certified Food Huggers Brings Sustainability to the Kitchen Counter

Eco-friendly kitchen storage brand Food Huggers achieves trusted B Corp Certification for doing social and environmental good.

A force for Good. As a certified B Corporation, we're commited to making sustainability easy & fun while meeting the highest standars of social and environmental performance.

Austin, Texas, June 1, 2023 - After a decade in business, Food Huggers has achieved a milestone only a fraction of companies reach: becoming a Certified B Corporation. Founded with the desire to give people an easy way to live more sustainably, Food Huggers crafts infinitely reusable food storage tools that help customers reduce waste in the kitchen. The brand’s long history of value-driven decisions led them to pursue the voluntary B Corp certification process.

“We want to be an example of how running a profitable business and doing good can go hand in hand,” says co-founder Adrienne McNicholas. “B Corp Certification felt like the natural next step for us — it’s a reflection of what we’ve always been doing, and it will anchor us to our ideals and help us track our progress in a transparent, productive way.” 

A person's hands holding two glass bowls with hugger lids, one on top of the other, preserving vegetables to achieve zero waste.

Food Huggers worked with B Corp Lab to complete the rigorous vetting procedure. In order to qualify for B Corp status, brands must score at least 80 points overall. Most ordinary businesses have a median score of 50.9. The B Corp Lab measures impact in five key areas:

  • Governance
  • Workers
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Customers

After being reviewed in these areas, Food Huggers is proudly certified. To recognize their core mission to make at-home sustainability accessible and fun, Food Huggers received the “Mission Locked” and “Resource Conservation'' distinctions. Food Huggers pursues this mission through plastic-free, reusable food storage solutions like Avocado Huggers and Hugger Bags. Each product is designed to keep food fresh without relying on single-use storage, helping people save money, eat healthfully, and care for the planet. Moving forward, the Food Huggers team aims to continue finding innovative ways to use their business as a force for positive change. To learn more about Food Huggers' mission, values, and products, visit them at

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