Man holding in his hand two Huggers lids, at a TED booth.

TED2023 Keeping It Fresh With Food Huggers

The rumors are true — last month's TED2023 conference featured Food Huggers in their iconic attendee gift bag to raise awareness of food waste at home. This means that 2000 most influential thinkers from around the world — including the leading visionaries, innovators and change-makers — got their hands on  our zero waste kitchen solutions. This in-kind partnership with TED has been an incredible opportunity to spread the word about our mission: making sustainability easy and fun. And it all starts with taking small steps: cutting down on food waste at home by using our eco-friendly kitchen tools and making smart and sustainable swaps.

But our journey to combat food waste didn't happen overnight. It began with a simple question: "How can we stop wasting food?" So, we came up with stylish, durable and BPA-free silicone food savers that gently "hug" all those sad fruit and veggie halves going to waste in our fridges — and ending up in landfills worldwide. And here we are today as an in-kind partner at TED2023.

We first took our products to Kickstarter back in 2013 because we wanted to bypass the gatekeepers and bring our eco-friendly kitchen tools straight to the public. We don't want to brag, but... People absolutely adored Food Huggers as plastic wrap alternatives from the get-go. And it’s not hard to see why! These little cuties are a perfect solution for anyone looking to save money, reduce waste and make meal prep a breeze. 5,000 planet-loving humans helped us raise $184,000 — and our namesake Food Huggers company was born. Since then, these zero waste kitchen solutions have found their way into eco-conscious homes all around the world. Our small, women-owned and B-corp certified business has grown beyond our wildest dreams and has been featured on:

Plus, countless other media outlets. But, we're nowhere near done yet.

TED2023 & Food Huggers = A Match Made in Sustainable Heaven

This year's TED conference theme is "POSSIBILITY", and that’s exactly what Food Huggers are all about! For us, possibilities mean taking small, actionable steps towards a big impact —by unlocking new and innovative ways to build a more vibrant, thriving and greener planet.

Hands of a woman with a black bag, which contains several Food Huggers, the solution to achieve zero food waste.

Which Food Huggers Made It to the TED2023 Gift Bag?

Ready to find out which of our eco-friendly products made it to the TED in-kind partnership program? We thought long and hard, but decided to keep it simple and classic. TED2023 gift bags featured namesake Food Huggers set!  This set of reusable, adjustable food savers made of 100% FDA food-grade silicone helps you keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer, so you can save food, money and the environment. Oprah Magazine called them “equal parts clever and cute” and we can’t disagree. Just look at them:

A woman's hand covering a glass with a hugger lid, next to a wooden table with several Food Huggersl, the perfect alternative to plastic wrappers.

Our most popular Food Huggers set consists of containers in different sizes and is available in 6 stunning color combinations to choose from:

  • Fresh Greens
  • Sage Green
  • Ice Blue
  • Autumn Harvest
  • Bright Berry
  • Terra Cotta

Not only will Food Huggers add a pop of personality to your kitchen, keep your fridge clean and organized and help you minimize food waste at home in times of soaring food cost, but they also come with a lifetime warranty —so you only need to get them once.

Ready to Start Making a Positive Impact on the Planet?

If you want to take action towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle by wasting less resources, you don't have to look far. Take the first step today by visiting us at Here’s where we regularly share fun, easy and practical tips, tools and techniques to help you reduce food waste at home.

Photography by Felicia Chang / TED.

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