Set of thirteen sustainable and eco-friendly food exchanges that keep food fresh, snacks and leftovers on a wooden table.

These Cute & Clever Food Huggers Help Keep Your Grocery Budget Out of the Trash

Austin, Texas - Diving into their 10th year of business, Food Huggers is here with innovative food storage solutions that help inflation-stressed customers save money by cutting down on wasted food. Made from safe, reusable silicone, Food Huggers mimic the peels found in nature to keep food fresh and delicious.

“Rising prices are a great incentive for people to improve their habits at home and try to reduce how much food ends up thrown away,” says co-founder Adrienne McNicholas. "Simple changes can have a powerful positive impact on the health of our pocketbooks as well as our planet."

With a USDA-reported grocery inflation rate of 13.5%, many households are finding that their usual grocery budgets don’t go as far as they used to. Reducing food waste is a key way to free up funds, since the average US family sends $1600 worth of groceries to the landfill each year. RTS estimates that over ⅔ of this food is thrown out because it spoils before it’s used.

Food Huggers give families an easy, affordable way to save money and fight food waste at home. A set of Food Huggers starts at just $16 — and that small investment can keep hundreds of dollars worth of groceries out of the trash. With helpful resources like a free Guide to Reducing Food Waste, Food Huggers are an intuitive toolkit for sustainable meal prep.

The popular original Food Huggers slip snugly onto cut fruits and vegetables, keeping air out and fresh flavor in. With everything from Avocado Huggers to Cheese Huggers to stackable Bowl Lids, customers can find just what they need to enjoy more of their favorite foods. Thoughtfully designed for hassle-free use and cleaning, Food Huggers are a sustainable staple in even the busiest kitchens — keeping food at peak freshness and replacing costly single-use options for years to come.

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