Grow Your Own Greens at Home

Reusable silicone Sprout Huggers give your empty jars a new job, growing delicious and nutritious food.

  • Step One: Select Your Seeds

    There are hundreds of different seed and bean types you can sprout. We reccomend some sources and resources below.

  • Step Two: Soak Your Seeds

    Most seed sprouting starts with soaking for 6-8 hours or overnight.

  • Step Three: Rinse Your Seeds Regularly

    After soaking, drain and rinse your seeds a few times before placing your jar and Sprout Hugger upside down on the reservoir

  • Step Four: Give your Sprouts Some Sun

    Most seeds need a day or two in the shade to get started. But then you can move them into the sun to get even more nutrients.

Your Questions Answered!

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I'm new to sprouts. Where can I learn more?

We do have a couple of tips we can share to help keep that avocado green as long as possible:

#1. Don’t remove the skin from your leftover avocado half.

#2. Squeeze a bit of lime juice or lemon juice on the flesh side of your avocado

#3. Store it in an Avocado Hugger that hugs the avocado half snugly. 

#4. Place your hugged avocado in the fridge. 

#5. Plan out a meal for the next day using the saved avocado half.

Does the Sprout Hugger work for all seeds and beans?

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