Food Huggers & KeHE

Receiving a Golden Ticket from KeHE was the absolute highlight of our very first Expo West. Working with the KeHE team is going to be an incredible milestone in our growth as a company and help us to keep hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions?) of pieces of food out of the trash while preventing equally large numbers of plastic baggies, and plastic wrap scraps out of American landfills.

Our CoFounder Introduces Food Huggers

Our Golden Ticket Assortment

We're launching into the KeHE world with our leading Best Selling SKUS. The following items are included in the KeHE "Crazy Good" September launch. We hope to add more items to the KeHE collection in 2023.

Food Huggers Set of 5 Sage Green

SKU: 10551 | UPC: 850024570153

Food Huggers Set of 5 - Autumn Harvest

SKU: FH5AH | UPC: 653341030344

Avocado Huggers Set of 2

SKU: 11250 | UPC: 850024570184

Hugger Bag 400ml Juniper Green

SKU: 30305 | UPC: 850024570405

Common Questions

What are the best selling points for Food Huggers

They are easy and fun to use while doing a great job at keeping food fresh. They reduce plastic waste and help avoid food waste. Thousands of 5 star reviews show how much customers love them.

Where can retailers access images & videos?

Food Huggers are on IX-ONE and we also have our own online library of lifestyle shots, GIFs and video clips. Reach out to to receive the login info.

Are Food Huggers UPCs GS1?

The majority of Food Huggers UPC codes are GS1. For our KeHE launch collection the UPCs are:

Food Huggers Sage Green: GS1

Food Huggers Autumn Harvest: Not GS1

Avocado Huggers: GS1

Hugger Bags (all colors) GS1

Butter Hugger: Not GS1

  • Nobody Wants to Waste

    Keeping ahead of food waste isn't always easy. Designing easy to use solutions is our way of helping to make it easier to enjoy and eat all the food we buy.

  • We Can't Afford to Waste

    The cost of everything is rising, including groceries. The cost of Food Huggers is very quickly offset by all the food it helps to keep out of the trash.

  • Landfill Overload

    The NUMBER ONE contributor to American landfills is food. We can do a lotta good for our environment if we make choices that reduce waste.

See The Whole Food Huggers Catalog

Crazy Good is our initial introduction with KeHE. Below you can see the full Food Huggers collection. For inofrmation on products that are not yet part of our KeHE collection, please reach out to your KeHE rep or to

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