Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag

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The roll top coffee bag is a classic design for good reason. You can roll the bag down to remove all the air and then fold in the silicone wire arms to keep it closed. The bags are light weight and perfect for bulk and zero waste grocery shopping. 

Made from our innovative Food Huggers Fabric which combines 100% cotton with a patented silicone coating to create a brand new innovative material.

These are the perfect addition to your waste free toolkit. 

Height: 10.5"
Width: 6.9"
Depth: 0.4"

Flat (Right out of packaging):
Height: 8.6" (unrolled)
Width: 6.1"
Depth: 0.4"

  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Food safe 
  • Reusable alternative to plastic bags 
  • Perfect for bulk shopping and zero waste grocery shopping

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Why Choose the Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag for Your Kitchen?

Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag is the perfect reusable and eco-friendly kitchen tool designed to help you create a zero waste lifestyle. Made with sustainability in mind, our Coffee Bag is ideal for plastic free food storage and package-free shopping, providing a B Corp certified solution that allows you to love your food and make a positive impact on the environment.

1. Innovative Material: Our Coffee Bag is crafted from our innovative Food Huggers Fabric, a revolutionary blend of 100% cotton and a patented food-safe silicone coating. This unique combination creates a brand new material that's not only eco-friendly but also incredibly effective at keeping your food fresh.

2. Sustainable Swap: Say goodbye to disposable plastic bags and embrace sustainability with our Food Huggers Coffee Bag. This eco-friendly kitchen tool is designed for multiple uses, reducing the need for single-use plastics and contributing to a greener planet.

3. Single Use Plastic Alternative: Join the movement to reduce plastic waste with Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag - the ultimate single-use plastic alternative. Its silicone-coated cotton fabric provides an easy to clean option for food storage on the go and package-free shopping. 

4. Reusable: Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag is designed for long-term, repeated use, making it a valuable addition to your eco-friendly kitchen arsenal. Opting for reusables like this minimizes your environmental footprint and supports a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

5. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tools: We're committed to offering eco-friendly kitchen tools that align with your sustainable values. Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag is part of our mission to minimize the environmental impact of your daily food storage practices.

6. Zero Waste Kitchen: Transform your kitchen into a zero waste haven with a Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag. This versatile bag allows you to store your dried goods without relying on single-use, disposable materials, promoting a waste-free lifestyle.

7. Package-Free Shopping: Take Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag with you when you shop for package-free goods. Its reusable design means you can purchase your bulk items package-free, reducing plastic waste and contributing to a sustainable shopping experience.

8. On-the-Go Convenience: Whether you're heading to work, school, or an outdoor adventure, the Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag is designed for your on-the-go lifestyle. Use it to carry snacks, lunch, or essentials, making it easy to maintain your sustainable choices while away from home.

9. B Corp Certified: Food Huggers is proud to be B Corp certified, a testament to our commitment to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. By supporting us, you're backing a business dedicated to positive change.

10. Women Owned Business: Food Huggers is a women-owned business, supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs while making a meaningful impact in the industry.

11. Shop Small: By choosing Food Huggers and supporting our mission, you're supporting a small business with a big goal - to make sustainable living easy and fun for all.

Make a conscious choice for your kitchen, your food, and the environment. Shop Food Huggers Fabric Coffee Bag today and join the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future!

We’re endlessly grateful for all the tremendous support Food Huggers has received from The TODAY Show, Food & Wine, The New York Times, Rachael Ray, Eating Well, The Kitchn and many more.