8 Simple Reasons Food Huggers Reusable Bowl Lids Are a Must-Have Sustainable Kitchen Swap

8 Simple Reasons Food Huggers Reusable Bowl Lids Are a Must-Have Sustainable Kitchen Swap

Whenever we talk to families about their quest to create a more sustainable kitchen routine, one of their biggest challenges is finding swaps that fit into their busy schedules.

So today, we’re sharing one of our absolute favorite eco-friendly kitchen tools that is every bit as convenient as its single-use nemesis, plastic wrap — Food Huggers Bowl Lids.

These lids become a go-to for everything from storing leftovers to organizing the fridge to prepping meals, all without any hassle or waste. 

Below, discover 8 reasons why you’ll love these eco-friendly reusable bowl lids.

1. They Free You From Relying On Plastic Wrap

Need to cover a leftover salad or a bowl of fruit? 

Before putting it in the fridge, most people reach for a roll of single-use plastic wrap out of habit. As a result, Americans buy enough plastic wrap every year to shrink wrap the entire state of Texas.

Unfortunately, the plastic wrap, quick fix isn’t sustainable long term. 

First, plastic wrap is notoriously difficult to recycle, which means it almost always ends up in the landfill (or, even worse, in the environment as litter). Aluminum foil may seem better at first glance since aluminum is infinitely recyclable. But like plastic wrap, used foil is often contaminated with food, so it can’t be processed at most recycling centers.

Second, plastic wrap doesn’t biodegrade when it breaks down. Instead, it breaks down into smaller and smaller particles called microplastics. And as it breaks down, plastic wrap may release harmful chemicals like dioxins. 

Food Huggers Bowl Lids are a simple sustainable swap that gives you all the ease of plastic wrap with none of the harmful chemicals or waste. To use a Reusable Bowl Lid, simply press it onto your bowl, then lift the rim gently on both sides to release the trapped air. 

Create a snug, airtight seal with no cutting, tearing, stretching, or double-wrapping required!

2. Food Huggers Bowl Lids Transform Your Fridge

With so much on your plate, you don’t have time to dig through the fridge every time you need to find that bowl of dip you made. 

That’s why we designed our Reusable Bowl Lids to make organizing your leftovers easier than ever. At the risk of sounding cliche, we’d even call them a fridge game-changer! Here’s why.

Unlike some reusable bowl covers, our lids are made with a tempered glass lens as well as flexible silicone sides — which means you can stack them to save space without worrying about spills or messes. 

The glass center also lets you see inside, so there’s no need to remove the lids to find what you’re looking for. 

3. Their Patented Design Fits the Bowls You Already Own 

Not only do these lids let you ditch wasteful plastic wrap, but they also save you from having to sort through a stack of containers and lids to find a match. Instead, these eco-friendly kitchen tools are designed to fit the bowls you already use every day.

Food Huggers Bowl Lids come in five sizes and fit all bowls between 3.75” and 9.25”. So whether you need to store a side dish or a large fruit bowl, you can find the perfect fit!

4. Prepping Meals with Reusable Bowl Lids Is a Breeze

We’re all about meal prep — it saves time, reduces food waste at home, and makes it easier to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. 

And you don’t need special meal prep containers to do it. Here’s a hassle-free way you can use Food Huggers Bowl Lids to prepare an extra meal while you’re cooking:

  • Get out two bowls: one for now, one for later
  • Portion into your desired servings
  • Find the size of Reusable Bowl Lid you need
  • Seal your second bowl and place in the fridge
  • When ready to eat, remove the lid, heat if needed, and enjoy

This way, you don’t have to transfer your food between containers, which makes for fewer dishes to wash up after. You can even use another small bowl and lid to make an additional snack-size portion!

5. Food Huggers Bowl Lids Are Dishwasher Safe for Easy Cleanup

The best eco-friendly kitchen tools are ones you’ll actually use. And in our kitchens, a big factor in this is how easy they are to wash. 

That’s why Food Huggers Bowl Lids are dishwasher safe for no-fuss cleaning. Just put them in with your other dishes and wash on a normal cycle — then reuse and repeat. 

Of course, you can also hand-wash your lids. We recommend warm soapy water and a plastic-free dish brush. After washing, rinse well and let dry. 

Tip: If there’s any water remaining in the rim of the lid, wipe with a clean towel before storing or reusing.

6. They’re Made to Keep Leftovers Fresh

One important part of working toward a zero-waste kitchen is reducing the amount of food you send to the landfill. Every year, more than 119 billion pounds of wasted food ends up in landfills in America. This represents over $408 billion worth of economic waste — and as all this food breaks down, it releases potent methane gas into the atmosphere.

Every bit of food you can keep out of the trash helps save you money and protect our climate. One way to do this is by storing leftovers properly and enjoying them before they spoil.

Food Huggers Bowl Lids help you keep your leftovers fresh longer! The airtight seal keeps moisture in to help prevent food from drying out or going stale while also protecting it from outside bacteria. Plus, it helps keep your leftovers from taking on other smells or flavors from the fridge. 

You can even store delicate produce like salad greens with Reusable Bowl Lids to avoid bruising or crushing them. And, like we mentioned above, the clear glass lid helps you easily identify leftovers so you don’t lose track of them in the fridge.

Large bowl lids

7. Our Bowl Lids Are Durable and Infinitely Reusable

Some of our favorite sustainable kitchen swaps are the kind you can buy once and continue using forever. And Food Huggers Bowl Lids definitely fit the bill! Since they’re made from silicone and tempered glass, they’re durable and shatter-resistant. 

This helps you cut down on even more waste and reduce your carbon footprint — while saving money, too. If you’re one of the more than 5 million Americans who use 10 or more rolls of plastic wrap each year, you could spend upwards of $50 on plastic wrap alone. 

A complete set of Food Huggers Bowl Lids costs just over $50, or you can buy single pieces starting at $14.99. Since they’re infinitely reusable, they’re an investment that continues to pay off over time. They also come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can use and reuse your lids with peace of mind.

8. Food Huggers Are Made to Do Good

Food Huggers is deeply committed to caring for people and the planet. 

Founded by conscious entrepreneur-inventors, Food Huggers is a women-owned company on a mission to help families reduce plastic waste and food waste at home, save time and money, and keep toxins out of the kitchen. 

And they don’t stop there. Food Huggers is also B Corp Certified, and received special recognition for making sustainability core to their business and empowering consumers to make more eco-friendly choices. 

So when you make the switch to Food Huggers Bowl Lids, you can rest assured knowing you’re supporting a company that’s dedicated to doing good.

Food Huggers Bowl Lids: The Fridge Hack You’ve Been Waiting For

We love using our Food Hugger Reusable Bowl Lids as part of our zero-waste kitchen routine — and we hope you will too! Try a set and enjoy less plastic waste, fresher leftovers, and a tidier fridge. 

Do you have more ideas on how to use our Reusable Bowl Lids or want to share your thoughts? We'd love to hear from you.

At Food Huggers, a woman-owned business and Certified B Corp, we highly value your feedback and engagement.

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